Stone & Energy


  • Physical, Spiritual and Intellectual Equilibrium
  • Encourages Honesty and Loyalty
  • Intensifies Analytical Capacity and Power of Perception


  • Indicated to Artistic People
  • Encourages Personal Expression
  • Attracts Happiness, Success and Spiritual Elevation
  • Relaxes your Mind through Creative Energy


  • Protective Amulet
  • Conscience Energy
  • Stone Used for Meditation
  • Removes Fear, Pain and Anguish
  • Calm down Power


  • Brings the Solar Energy
  • Purify and Regenerator Power
  • Creative Properties
  • Connected to Abundance and Prosperity

Crystal Quartz

  • Energetic Power
  • Filters and Reflects all the Energies in Contact with the Person
  • Intensifies Psychic and Spiritual Capabilities

Smokey Quartz

  • Stress Reducer
  • Promotes Positive Thinking
  • Neutralizes Failure
  • Sexual Energy and Virility


Lemon Quartz

  • Result of Radiation Processes in Crystal Quartz
  • It has an Earthy and Translucent Color
  • Same properties of the Crystal Quartz

Rose Quartz

  • Unconditional Love Stone
  • Infinite Peace
  • Open your Heart for New Feelings
  • Ideal Talisman Stone


  • Aligns Energy with all Chakras
  • Eliminates feelings of Loneliness, Fear and Sadness
  • Good for the Digestive System


  • Calm down Power
  • Good for Insomnia
  • Encourages Patience
  • Measures the Critic Sense and the Selfish Thoughts

Tiger Eye

  • Mix between Solar and Earth Energies
  • Protector Stone
  • Good for Focus
  • Known as Success Stone


  • Preserves the Personal Opinion
  • Encourage the Thoughts
  • Strengthens the Physical Body
  • Eliminates Bad Energy


  • Connected to Logic, Intuition and Objective Perception
  • People use them a lot for Meditation
  • Helps to cure Fever
  • Organism Equilibrium 

Blue Quartz

  • Talk Power
  • Innocence and Comprehension
  • Good for Voice Problems

White Quartz

  • Harmony Power
  • Heart Chakra
  • Benevolent Feelings

Green Quartz

  • Emotional Equilibrium
  • Relieves Stress
  • Good for Vision and Creativity


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